Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Orange Vibes

After showing it's rather pleasant, sunnyish midmorning side the weather said, enough of this - and since then the rain has either been pouring down, drizzling or just slowly dripping. Sure it makes everything looks fresh, lush and green, but to fight the grey, cloudy skies I for one need *a bit* more colour. So I thought I'd share some orange to bright up the day.

Not orange as in fruit orange, but as in colour. It's a colour that's quite obviously not pink, but pretty darn close. It's a gorgeous, perky, feel-good-vibey colour. The colour of one of, if not The, favourite handbag, darlin' Elvira. Who travelled with me all the way to the other side of the world and back - to a country that I found, to my delight, celebrated the colour orange everywhere, South Africa.

Sydafrika 2007 541

Orange is also the colour of my favourite vegetable, carrot, which comes in many shapes, like in infamous carrot cap shape or cute dangling earrings shape. Anyone for a carrot or two?

071030 059

It also comes in cute as a button William Wallace shape. The once wee one has grown up to a handsome boy of 9 months, latest news is he's doing well at cat-shows, always the last thing seen when going to sleep and the first thing seen when waking up, constantly purring - in other words a furry orange gem.

060804 005
060730 028
Sydafrika 2007 061
Yes, for many reasons, orange rules, in a whole lot of ways, shapes, sizes and forms


golden thorn in my paw said...

like your style. You put a lot of effort in to this here blogg.

Anonymous said...

Love it! This makes me want to wear orange all day today. And tomorrow!


Pia K said...

Thanks, golden thorn in my paw, well, it's a labour of my own private must-do and love I guess:)

Thanks, heidikins, go on, wear orange!

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Yes, orange is indeed a fantastic colour. Is there anything cuter then the little model in his carrot cap or the tiny scrap of marmalade kitten. I do like the lovely orange bag! Great photos and great blog. I have somewhere a post "Orange makes the garden glow!" Have a nice day.

Pia K said...

Glad you share my fascination of orange, Titania, I'll definitely check out that post! And thanks for a sweet comment:)

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