Friday, July 25, 2008

eating out - gateau bromma

I'm a bit hesitant to mention this place, at least in a blogpost of its very own, since sometimes it's just best keeping those places of wild strawberries to oneself... But since I'm feeling a touch generous and sharing, here goes -

070706 003
The tiny bakery - café of Gateau Bromma is situated slightly obscurely smack middle of the posh suburb Bromma, and you definitely will enjoy taking the tram Nockebybanan to get there - can be reached by car too, but that's rather boring... - get of at station Ålstensgatan, walk a few hundred metres down to Ålstensgatan 26, open Mon-Fri 7.30-18.30, Sat-Sun 8.00-17.00

070706 005

It's definitely best to visit during the warmer seasons, to sit outside, soaking the atmosphere, enjoying the architecture at this quiet, lush residential area while munching away on some lovely, lovely bread, cakes, sandwiches...

Whatever you fancy, that's most certainly one of those easily obtained, affordable yet highly enjoyable treats in life lived in Stockholm. During the colder seasons, due to the tiny indoor seatings, it's probably wiser to bring the treats home with you instead - the treats can include that lovely sourdough bread from Kringelgården...

And well, beware of the infamous pram mob, they tend to hang at this place too. But with a wee luck it might be reasonably peaceful still.

Whatever treats you opt for - I most certainly recommend the nutty thingies... - they will be enjoyed by fourlegs alike, when you look away.



Titania said...

It is great to have a special place to go and get a really nice treat. Those little nutty cakes look delicious!

Pia K said...

Indeed it is! I love finding new places, but it's quite relaxing to have ol' reliable ones to return to too.

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