Sunday, July 13, 2008

From A Loaf Doggie's Point Of View


Little loaf doggie met possible new friend. With matching fur. And a happy, playful, bouncy, sunny disposition. However apparently little loaf doggie is at times very grown up and responsible, a k a plain boring, when it comes to playing with other dogs.

So no matter how nicely Birk - who btw lives with the unfortunately not equally dog friendly Bamse - asked, begged and even loudly pleaded, he was put into place by one adamantly bossy loaf doggie. So instead of me trying to describe the day from a dog's point of view, I think these pictures sums the day up rather nicely. Please note those priceless expressions and poses, welcome to;

It's a dog's world -



Though suddenly, as if by magic, the wonderful, wonderful item of one squeaky toy appears! Life is good. Life is grand. Life is amazing and perfect once again.


Well, at least for the loaf doggie, others would so much have prefered other kinds of playfulness...
And finally, this is how one exhausted, all played out, loaf doggie extraordinaire looks after one busy, busy day. Things look a bit black-white and fuzzy. Do note superadorable pose though.
More pictures can as usual be found in Malte's own Flickr-album



Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

A good day in a doggies life, the pictures tell it all!
We get the same situation when little madam Lou is coming to visit, Billy is so happy to play and she shows him the cold shoulder; she might race him for a while and then the cold looks again, she is a fickle lady!

Wendy said...

Lovely, funny photos.

Had a similar situation yesterday when Marco met Rosie. It did not go well. Though Marco was friendly and not too pushy, Rosie HATED him and growled and snapped and sulked all day. Oh dear.

Pia K said...

Thanks, Titania and Wendy!

Since Malte is such a playful, bouncy doggie and loves company I'm quite surprised about the fact that he nowadays doesn't want to play with every friendly dog he meets. He has no problem with being a people-pleaser himself, but apparently he isn't too fond of the dogs who is too eager to please him...;)

I always found it fascinating that whilst cats take their sweet time getting friendly with "new cats on the block", dogs seemed so friendly and easy with every other dog. A view I sure had to revise after getting a dog myself, they're fickle too, and yes, the girls tend to be even more so, imagine...:)

John D. said...

Awww! I love that last pic! Laying flat on his little belly. : )

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