Sunday, July 20, 2008

WCB - LBC Strikes Again


Hallo there, LBC Viola here! Since I'm being quite true to myself and my purpose - discover and conquer - the undersigned photographer finds it a teensy-weensy bit difficult to capture me as well with the camera as it used to be.

So even if I'm quite perfect in every single black shiny female way I hardly ever stick around at one place long enough to give any photographical pawprint other than the very blurry one.

080711 004

However keeping one close eye on the garden the other day, that petulant person P got a semi-decent picture of me. Yes I am quite striking, if I may say so myself. So striking that I have already influenced the artsy world, and soon will be made into jewellery. It is rather pleasant to know ones importance and purpose in life, don't you think?


Titania said...

Such a beautiful portrait of Viola.
I love her amber eyes, she is quite a model! Is she yours?

Pia K said...

Thanks, Titania! Oh yes, she's mine, she and her equally black cousin Waldemar were the two kittens from the two litters last year, that never found their right new owner, hence they stayed on, ah completely mischiveous wee ones...:)

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