Friday, January 09, 2009

Aussie Arrives in Sweden

For you who have been blessed with the Aussie hair care range in your own country, no need to read on, this short post will strictly revolve around the happy, happy fact that 11 (at least a good start) of these products will *finally* be launched in a proper way in Sweden too. Huzzah!

The prices will, unfortunately, be about twice the ones in the UK (like usual when it comes to these products), but still good value - with some exceptions like the 3 minute miracle moisture treatment, imho, so. very. overrated -, lasting products with nice, natural ingredients, lovely scents and quirky, sweet names.

Still waiting for an exact release date, but sometime this spring of 2009 would be my wild guess. Great news for every hair thirsty for moisture after a dry winter season.


Mama Feline said...

I have not even heard of this range in South Africa. Let us know how the products are once you get to use them!

Terry said...

Hi Pia K
They do sell Aussie shampoo in Canada at Wal-mart and Shoppers Drug mart.
I am not sure what it costs but I have decided to treat myself, like you told me to!
Maybe next pay day because this pay day Bernie and I got a Sony camera for Mom Golden.
She has been using a Kodak digital for a year and although it did take nice pictures, the screen has decided to act up, so we thought that we would get her a Sony.
That is the only brand name that we have, and we have never had trouble with it.
Ha!...except for the Kodak Brownie camera that I swiped from my parents when I was the ripe old age of twelve. That was 47 years ago and I still have that camera..SOMEWHERE!
Betty is a Canon girl.

By the way, all of the Swedish ladies that I have ever seen on TV or in magazines are so extremely beautiful looking so why on earth do they need more shampoos??
Perfect complexions and perfect figures and perfect hair!

I came here from Felis's blog because I want to thank her for her visit a while back but I can't seem to leave a commen.
I saw your name on there and that is why I came here earlier than I was going to. I was planning on visiting you this evening.
Maybe I will just email her instead,

God's blessings now till later...Love Terry

Pia K said...

Oh I've already used them for many years, Forever Feline, and they're great! I use to stock up on them whenever in UK, very good value for money they are. And they're usually sold at supermarkets there too, it looks like they'll try and *make* them a bit more exclusive when lanuched in Sweden though - so typical that is...:/ I hope they'll find their way to SA too!

...or perhaps it is that Swedish women use a lot of products that they appear to look beautiful, terry...;) If the Canadian prices are anything like the US prices for shampoos and stuff the Aussie range will be peanuts, I bought a huge bottle when in the US some years back and it was just (from our Swedish relatively overpriced view) ridiculously cheap. So you should definitely treat yourself to this, it has such a lovely fragrance too:)
I too have old cameras that still work, it's pretty amazing after all those years, but since they're not digital I never use them, just keep them for sentimental reasons I guess...

Terry said...

You know what Pia K.?
When Bernie was getting Mom Golden's camera ready last night, he accidentally pressed a small button and instantly the pictures that we had downloaded into her stick started playing in a slide show and the most sweetest music was accompanying it.
So nice!
When we gave her the camera today, she was so happy!.....Love Terry

PS have a great week!

Pia K said...

Oh, that was a nice wee surprise, Terry:) And of course she loved the new camera, such a nice treat!

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