Saturday, January 10, 2009

Swedish Winter Medley, part II

Remember last week's lovely frosty weather with sun and temperature well below 0 degrees Celsius? Well, sadly things have begun melting, a lot, and the temperatures are now too high for this time of the year (at least for my liking) and of the sun we haven't seen a lot. Sigh. But despite this unlucky threesome it was quite a lovely day out and about and hey, a bit of castle spotting was done too. Not a complete waste of a almost gloomy day then, here are some glimpses of Sweden today ~

Tureholm castle, more than a tad run down, not sure if it's still for sale or not, care to invest?

Winter river in small town Trosa
A fetching sunset in Trosa harbour, the time being about 2.30 pm...


Jan said...

Wonderful captures. Love them all.

Holler said...

Beautiful photos! I don't know if you have the same saying, but we say 'red sky at night shepherd's delight, red sky in the morning shepherd's warning' and I swear it works and you can tell if it is going to be a good day or not.

LSL said...

Swedish sunset looks so wonderful, compared to what we have at home. And you've capture the scenes so beautifully.

Terry said...

Dear Pia K
For sure and it WASN"T a wasted day.
These pictures are so beautfiful and so romantic.
Oh just like you would see in a story book!
You have so much talent!
A God given gift and you are surely not wasting it!
Love Terry

Titania said...

I love small towns, Swedens are so wonderfully picturesque.
The setting sun changes the colours to rosegold. The allee of pollarded Poplars are so typical of Europe. A lovely winter medley.

SJ said...

Nice pictures. I especially liked the one of the castle.

Pia K said...

Thanks, Jan, for your kind words.

Thanks, Holler, I haven't heard that saying before, it does sound lovely but if this sunset vs the day after is anything to by, nah it doesn't apply for Sweden:) Or perhaps it wasn't red enough...?

Oh thanks, Terry, for a sweet comment!

Titania, what a nice name for it "rosegold", that's a keeper name:)

Pia K said...

Thanks for stopping by, SJ, glad you appreciated the pics.

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