Friday, January 02, 2009

Miss August


So, this is how my winning - one of 12 that is - photo in the calendar competition looks, from the lovely organic castle garden of Lennartsnäs. Sadly the garden seems to have closed for good, which is a real pity. I hope they'll find a way to have open at least open now and then in the year to come. It is such a lovely and peaceful haven of a place...

As for the winning photo I'm pleased that they actually chose one of my favourites - which is very me in many ways - and it will perk the walls of (I hope) many municipality inhabitants come August. Yes, from now on I'll be known as I'm Miss August. From behind the camera.

The photo has been cropped for the calender so the wee, sweet Muscovy duck has a slightly more prominent role in the picture. I like that.

Of course it would have been quite nice if the prize had been of the monetary amount kind, alas it wasn't. Apart from the sheer glory - yeah right - it was a book about... cheese. Which made me feel a bit like Wallace - you know Gromit's friend - but it was rather nice, even if I'm not a huge cheese lover (it is quite difficult, at least in Sweden, to find proper vegetarian cheeses). And I suppose a somewhat befitting prize in a photo competition - say cheese to Miss August!


Titania said...

Hi Miz August; I must say this is a very pretty picture of a lovely garden; where even a duckling is welcome. It is a little like mine not too manicured where also ducks are welcome and enjoy my little pond. It would have been nice to get a prize, but I think many people will enjoy your picture interromptue.

Pia K said...

Thanks, Titania. Personal and not too manicured gardens are of course the best, with and abundance of different plants, flowers, shrubs, birds and bees and wee surprises here and there:)

Terry said...

You will always be a winner in my eyes Pia K!

Betty has had a photo picked for a magazine once and two of her pictures were chosen for a newspaper.
I wish that she would try again!
Love Terry

Pia K said...

That's such a sweet comment, Terry, thanks! Getting picked and win contests (where you've created something with your talent) is really lovely, although I'm not much for entering either. I did win a camera once though, in a photo competition on TV, kind of neat that one was:)

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