Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fierce Creatures & Funky Squeakers


Since wee hippo at the moment (finally) is having a well deserved rest & relaxation time under the small bookshelf with his friends the squeakers - though by the looks on their faces I'm sure they're up to something no good under there, like forming a loud toy band by the name Hip Hippo & the Funky Squeakers as means of revenge for loaf dog torture. One of these days whining lamentations and litanies of squeaker sorrow will be heard from under that shelf - time has come to tell the story about the Nobel Prize quality invention of one garden hose toy that's without a doubt the most durable and reoccuringly fun toy as far as doggie loaf is concerned.


Once upon a time the hose lived a quiet, yet hard working, life in the garden of one red house in the suburbs of Stockholm. After years and years of that hard hose work it was time for retirement and long lazy days of doing nothing much at all. Or so the hose thought when it was retracted from it's usual place at the water barrel in the garden. Then attached to an iron pipe it sighed and thought "finally, from here on only many lazy days in the sun and rain and snow come summer, autumn, winter and spring for me, myself and I. I will now reap the fruits of all my hard garden work".


Little did the garden tube know, that soon, all too soon, would one supercharged, energetic loaf doggie extraordinare discover the uttermost joy of biting, fretting, tearing, drooling, yip yapping the poor hose to exhausting borderline (from hose point of view) scraps.


After more than five years of loafie company garden hose still persevere almost unharm (from human point of view) in the most stoic and dignified way, still being numero uno favourite toy but still with times of rest and relaxation by loafie oblivion.

At the moment though it is one of the most annoying things and past times under the roof of one red house in the suburbs of Stockholm, heard from afar slithering on floors, bumping into walls accompanied by pitter patter of paws and excited snorting, upon that all but one extraordinarily fierce creature can agree.


Although one day - in an hopefully not too far future - one garden hose will most probably seek refugee some place secluded, dark and out of reach from relentless loafie fangs and from that dark, secluded place will soon be heard heartbreaking jeremiads of never previously performed in public complaints from unforgiving one toy band Honky Huffed Hose.


aforkfulofspaghetti said...

Those fangs in the last picture are a little worrying! Poor hose!

stromsjo said...

Well, we *are* almost into Song Contest Season again!

Pia K said...

Yup, a very illustrative pic of a rat hunter breed, AFoS, hoses and squeakers beware!

Ha, ha, so true, Per, I wonder if they'd be interested in a slightly different type of artist? On the other hand, my views on the average quality of ESC music and the artists are... very far from positive, I bet Funky Squeakers would make a clean sweep;)

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