Monday, January 05, 2009

Wanna Play?


Pleased to announce, wee hippo still has a voice, albeit faint, after almost three weeks in company of loaf doggie extraordinaire. The time hasn't come yet, for him to join the squeak-no-mores discards under the small bookshelf - incidentally the shelf containing books of less readable quality discarded by undersigned, not yet given to charity - he still puts in his hours of squeaker toy fun for not exactly everyone.


The still interest loafie takes in hippo might have something to do with the recent rediscovery of old multitude fun garden hose - well over five years and still more than well worth playing with, Nobel Prize quality of that invention. This almost self made toy does deserve a post of its own at a later date. For now, as far as I'm humanly concerned the best thing about the hose is that it can also be used as a decent floor mopping tool as well as fitness training instrument. Just attach one loaf moppet at one end and sweep away.



aforkfulofspaghetti said...

Hee hee.

May hippo last many more weeks yet!

Pia K said...

Hear, hear!

Terry said...

Three cheers for Hippo, the hose and the little lad, Pia K!!
Ha!!!!!!!!Love Terry

PS Just no room for boredom in your wee household!

Pia K said...

Ha, ha, I guess not, Terry, who need a telly with all those weird and wonderful fourleggers, huh;)

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