Saturday, January 03, 2009

Saturday Watch Live


~ Have a lovely weekend, however you chose to spend it! Who knows, maybe birdwatching is on the agenda. For some that's a never seize to fascinate interest. Me, I so prefer this reasonably peaceful past time before the other type of bird interest... ~



Jan said...

Love these photos, Pia. We have a sweet dog, Lizzie, a 11 year old Cairn terrier. She's a killer, too. Birds, lizards, rabbits, anything that come in our yard. She always looks so sweet, just like Knut!

Pia K said...

Thanks, Jan. Well, behind the sweetest face might lie a predator... and yet, we love them just the same. At least most of the non-bird-killing-time...:/

Anonymous said...

LOL! Soooo cute!


Pia K said...

Ah, thanks, Paz - he can be quite photogenique if I can catch him at a moment that doesn't require a flash...:)

aforkfulofspaghetti said...

Fabulous photos, Pia. My BSH always stomps off whenever a camera gets anywhere near her, so I never get the chance to take lovely pics like these!

Pia K said...

Thanks, afos! The problem with this fellow (Pelle) is that he always without exceptions manage to screw up his eyes when I use a flash, hence I was so happy when I caught him in this light! And as far as picture-taking goes, my kitties are well trained for that since tender age, they wouldn't dream of stomp off...;)

Terry said...

Oh Pia K..
No way is that sweet faced Kitty thinking of harming those birds.
That little angel is only interested in watching.
Oh! Betty just HAS to see these wonderful pictures you have taken of this little darling!...Love Terry

Terry said...

Dear Pia K
I just finished reading the comments here and it brings back to memory a story that I am going to tell you. Trust me it is a true one!
When Bernie and I were renting a large house twelve years ago across town, we used to feed all the stray cats that came around. We had a whole line of bowls. We also fed the squirrels and we had a large bird feeder in the back yard.
Now this was in the days that we never even knew what a digital camera was because if we had of, I must say that I would surely have loved to take this picture.
Picture? Well this is what Bernie and I saw one day on our return home.
The birds were eating from the feeder, there was a couple of squirrels munching on peanuts and lying on the ground was a circle of cats just resting and minding their own business!
The way I figure Pia K is that because we were feeding them all, they just considered they were all part of the same family!
So unbelievable but TRUE.
Oh, I wish I had of had a digital camera!!!!!!
Love Terry

Pia K said...

Gosh, what a wonderful sight that must have been, Terry!! I get all soft and warm inside thinking of it.

Cats are such wonderful angelic looking creatures that in an instant can turn into predators, I guess that can sometime be the one of many fascinating things about them. Those two extremes in one such lovable body.

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