Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Eating Out - RizRaz, Copenhagen

One of my favourite restaurants when in wonderful Copenhagen, Denmark, is RizRaz and its vegetarian buffet. Actually, notwithstanding I found the plethora of different veggies and dishes to be a bit less than its usual good self last summer, I think it's one of the best places for a vegetarian meal overall, Copenhagen or not.
köpenhamn april 2006 146

The buffet at a fixed price (with both cold and warm dishes and salads to compose your own meal from) is fresh, inventive, spicy, garlicky, tangy, creamy, bursting with colours and vitamins and simply mouthwatering to look at. Not to mention, pretty darn good to put in the mouth too. In other words, if you happen to find yourself in the vicinity, do pop by and enjoy a very, very nice and relaxed food experience.

köpenhamn april 2006 144
RizRaz can be found at Kompanistraede 20 (my favourite) and Store Kanikkestraede 19


Anonymous said...

I like the name of the restaurant and the food looks good.


Terry said...

Hi Pia K
I kind of wondered if you were vegetarian.
My sister, Sandra is vegetarian and so is her son, Darrell.
Neither one of them eat anything that is made with animal products. There is a name for that but I can't remember.
We always try to make something special for them at our family gatherings.
Every Christmas they go to Mom and Dad Golden's for dinner and Dad Golden always cooks up a whack of veggies for them and they have a vegetation turkey and gravy made with soy sauce.
The longer I live and the more I am finding out how animals are abused, I really don't blame people for being vegetarian.
Bernie and I refuse to eat veal because of how they treat the baby calf's, but that is as far as we go. Oh and lobster, we never touch either.
It is such a sad sight to see them in the tanks at the grocery store, living until somebody buys then to cook them alive..So pitiful!
Anyway this restaurant looks so yummy Pia K....Love Terry

aforkfulofspaghetti said...

That looks like quite a feast!

I may be travelling through Copenhagen later this year, so will check this place out if I do. Thanks for the tip-off!

Pia K said...

It's kind of snazzy and catchy the name, Paz. Even if many of the dishes probably could be fairly easily recreated at home, it's something special with having it there as a part of the Copenhagen-experience somehow:)

Vegans don't use animal products at all, that's probably what your relatives are, Terry. Give them my regards, I love to hear about people who've made such ethical choices in life!

Myself I am - since oh so many years - a vegetarian, incl eating milk products and egg. I don't have a problem with eating things (though never ever meat and the actual animal) from the animal kingdom as long as they are treated in a respectful and kind way. That's why I treasure the Gandhi quote (I have it in my blogger profile) "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated." it does say a lot.

Now I just wish I could find a way of not being so interested in handbags and shoes in leather...:/

Oh, glad you find it useful, Afos, then don't forget to have a ice latte at Baresso - bestest ever!! I'll write about another place that serves grand veggie burgers and fruit drinks and such later. I wish The a la Menthe was still open, that was just a wonderful little cosy cellar café with lovely, spicy Moroccan food in the vicinity of RizRaz... Oh and there's a great tapas place close to Tivoli. Perhaps I should just write something shortish about it all, huh:)

Mama Feline said...

I love your blog and really look forward to seeing what you are going to post next. Thanks!

Pia K said...

Thanks for letting me know, Forever Feline (like your name:), I'm so happy to hear about someone liking my little sometimes spur of the moment sometimes carefully thought through musings and scribbles. Cheers!

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