Friday, January 16, 2009

The World's Largest Saffron Bun

There have been the world's best vanilla bun and the world's largest cinnamon bun on Cinnamon Bun Day. Now, in the aftermaths of St Knut's Day and as a reminder of the Christmas season, I'd like to introduce the world's largest saffron bun -


The IKEA battery (yes Swedish all the way) is not in the picture for consumption purposes but for size comparison. Just in case someone thought otherwise. Saffron, saffron buns, "lussekatter" is very classic in Sweden around Christmas so this enormous bun - serves four satisfied "fika" (as in coffee break) people - was sold at the same place as the above mentioned huge cinnamon bun, Café Saturnus, around that time. It smelled divine and was also filled with almond paste, but as far as consistency and flavour... well I thought it was rather dry and bland.

My personal saffron bun conclusion; if you want something well done do it yourself, yup, I always prefer the authentic lussekatt made by yours truly. Bought ones and fancy schmancy new recipes never quite seem to do it, whilst ol' reliable recipe never fails ~

~ Have a good weekend ~


Prixie said...

ooooh im hungry!

Anonymous said...

Ooo, you've motivated my girlfriend and I to bake this afternoon. Carrot cake or lemon cake, that's the only question!

Anonymous said...

Now I'm hungry... :)

Terry said...

Dear Pia K
I am not a sweets eater usually but your buns look so good!
Is there a recipe for these?
I clicked on to your link and I saw that gorgeous white kitty!!
Oh how I love cats!!!
I have just recently bought some flour and I wouldn't mind the recipe to this.....Yummy!...Love Terry

Pia K said...

Hope you got something nice to eat then, Prixie and Cherie:)

That sounds great, Tom, I vote for carrot cake!

Thanks, Terry! I can translate the recipe and email it to you, though you might have to converse certain metric measurements into yours, I leave that part up to you. I will begin translation asap:)

stromsjo said...

Save that battery. I might need some recharging after having finished such a bun! ;)

Pia K said...

Ha, ha, exuding wittiness it seems, Per;)

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