Thursday, October 20, 2011

nick brandt at fotografiska

nick brandt at fotografiska

Nick Brandt have been one of my favourite photographers for some years now. The soulful beauty and sorrow his animal pictures exudes is simply stunning and mindblowing. Today we visited the Fotografiska (Photographical) museum to see his exhibition "On This Earth, A Shadow Falls". I wept my way around the room, I weep writing this.

#fotografiska nick brandt <3

For all the innocent life the egoistic mankind in complete lack of compassion so willingly extinguish. There's just something so completely and utterly wrong with a too large part of the human race. For that I weep.

nick brandt at #fotografiska if you haven't been yet, go, just go. and bring tissues.

Part of the exhibition was also a fine little filmed interview with Nick Brandt, where he talked about his work, the African animals, the human overexploitation and poaching. In 2010 he founded the Big Life Foundation dedicated to the preservation of African wildlife and ecosystems. You can donate money, buy prints and there's also a gorgeous signed photo book (I would love to get for Christmas) to support this more than worthy cause.

calcified bat. nick brandt at #fotografiska

nick brandt at #fotografiska

nick brandt at #fotografiska

nick brandt at fotografiska

The exhibition "On This Earth, A Shadow Falls" with overpowering photos by Nick Brandt is on at Fotografiska - a wonderful museum with a lovely café on the top floor, with a stunning water view over Stockholm, and a nice gift shop, very much worth a visit when in Stockholm - from October 6 to January 8, 2012. Go see. Bring tissues. And donate.

nick brandt at fotografiska


Growing Up Gramma said...

Wonderful photographs! That is something I would so love to do!

Elephant's Child said...

Beautiful. And heart breaking. The shot of men carrying tusks is positively obscene. And true.

Felis said...

WOW even the copy is so powerful, on live have to be really strong feeling!
I love the cheetahs! Joy Adamson is my angel! Most remarkable woman for ever! She really knew why we are on this planet. For me Africa is always Joy Adamson's Africa.

Unknown said...

Exhibition is just incredible and it expired me to make a short journey to Africa and see that beauty by my own.

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