Tuesday, November 01, 2011

sew psyched

essie sew psyched

It's been a rather exhausting day. Most of the birthday getaway photos aren't uploaded to Flickr yet. There are lots of thoughts swirling around in my head. Mostly good ones though. I'm not sure what to write about today, but write I must, so here goes a bit of randomness. Again.

~ Washed my hair in a new colour care shampoo today. Cucumber and green tea shampoo. When you sniff the bottle it's all delightful green tea, when you wash with it it's all cucumber. Quite delightful.

~ Opening a new bottle like that relentlessly reminds me it's well overdue for a pre-in-post-shower list/review  of skincare stuff. I haven't done one since August 2010. A few bottles have been used up since. Some more pleasing than others. Sharing is caring. November beauty it is.

~ I had a really good meeting this morning. In preparations for my new beginning. I hope to be reasonably ready and prepared (as well as one can be) for the next step in two weeks. Touch wood. I know I'm a stickler for details and I had prepared for this meeting. But when it was quite obvious I had thought my plans through much more than I'm guessing, by the way we talked, the average "planner of new beginnings" does, well it was rather anticlimactic.

I had anticipated someone to point out weaknesses in my ideas and strategy, but no it was a "this looks great!" and as flattering as that might be is, I was slightly nonplussed. Perhaps because I am a worrying kind, the little lawyer in me always wanting to be prepared for the worst. Be as that may, it's at times like this I feel I'm probably a little bit grown-up anyway. A good feeling of grown-upness.

I got a few nifty tips and it was overall a very positive, unpretentious meeting. We scheduled another one in a month. I hope to have something teensy-weensy going by then. It's about time.

~ At the meeting it was also stressed the importance of treating and encouraging oneself along the way. (Something I've, needless to say, always been wholeheartedly positive about.) I consider a pretty nailpolish a perfect treat. Also, a long search for that particular colour has now been put to satisfied rest.

~ Today was also the day of the (hopefully) last root canal. It has been a painful (even if I think I've been a brave trooper during the procedure, that much I have to say) and expensive experience. That amount of money could have been put to so much good, it is beyond annoying the whole ordeal. But admittedly, I'm also kind of proud of myself for having endured it all.

~ Obviously I had two reasons to get that new nailpolish.

~ I also sported another lovely nailpolish today. All dusty, dull green prettiness. It has a most appropriate name for what I want to feel and be right now. I even think it'll be my mantra and my motto for November. Sew psyched. Yes. Definitely.

Do you have a November motto? If so, what and why?


BossLady said...

I just heard on the radio that there is a new treatment for root canals; it should be on the market in about two years. The patient has to use it on herself each day for about a month, and it's painless! Sorry I didn't catch the name of it and anyway it doesn't help you at this point; think it might be laser-related.

Angella said...

**BossLady must get details as root canals are my constant companions!!

LOVE today's nail polish color. I am currently on my own quest for a certain perfect color...its all about the hunt.

Also, kudos to you for being so well prepared for your meeting. Perhaps there is a forum online for your sort of venture where you could find more relevant tips. I was fortunate to find a forum as well as several well written books via Amazon. I'm really pulling for you and hope for the best. :)

Elephant's Child said...

I went to the dentist today. A new dentist as mine was on maternity leave. I am not fond of the breed and was dreading it. Lovely dentist - no work required. Which means I suspect that my November (and every other month) motto should be 'worry less'.

Fuzzy Tales said...

Fingers crossed for new beginnings, new ventures. I'm glad the meeting went so well!

Ouch to the root canal...I've had only one, but I have dental coverage under my work plan, which covers, at least in part, most procedures.

Funky nail polish...I love your ring!

Growing Up Gramma said...

I love the ring too!

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