Tuesday, May 15, 2012

aday 12


I'm participating in the Swedish non-profit photo-project Aday initiated by the foundation Expressions of  Humankind - open to participants all over the world, where anyone inclined today on May 15th 2012 was to snap pictures of their lives, their surroundings. Real people taking real pictures of real lives, and they don't have to be fancy schmancy, love the idea!

Did you take any photos and participated? The photos must be taken on May 15th, but you can upload them to the website until May 22nd. I've created an account but I still have to sort out which pictures to chose, 10 is the limit.

Our main event of the day was removing Malte's stitches, one stitch on his tummy looked a bit infected so he'll get some penicillin for that, but the plastic funnel have been removed - a Norfolk terrier's body type doesn't allow the licking of private parts, that seem to be the issue with many male dogs - and after the vet-visit we went to a dog café were he had a little feast and we had lunch/coffee.

black pudding for dogs

Yes a little missus at the café tried to snatch the loafie's treat - quelle horreur! - but luckily the plate escaped her jaws.


Certainly a face that deserves some black pudding, right?

It was a lovely sunny day - oh the promise of summer in the air is so very tangible! - and right across from the dog café is this park with a fountain and people of all ages enjoying th weather. I snapped a few photos, uploaded via Instagram - which I still adore, despite the Facebook-thing - and via Twitter it found its way to the Washington Post's aday-gallery. Which I think is a nice little thing. (Not sure if the link lands exactly on my photo, but browse away and you'll find.)

Hope your may 15 was a lovely one too!


1 comment:

Elephant's Child said...

The loaf dog certainly deserves treats. Such a piteous expression.
May 15th has been and gone here, but I hope you have a wonderful day.

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