Monday, May 21, 2012

random musings and a rugged case

iphone case

:: Trying to upload the 10 pictured to the Aday site really isn't easy breezy. There's something wonky and since you for some odd reason can't upload them in portions you need them all to "stick" to the site at once. It says all ten have been uploaded, but in reality there are only three visible. I know I could have tried the uploading earlier this weekend, tomorrow is the last day to do it, but I really really didn't think it would be such a time-consuming nuisance... I may stop trying now, head to bed and have a go tomorrow again. I wonder if it has been like this all week? And go figure, the support page does not work either...

:: You know the feeling that signing up for an event - or getting tickets for a show, play, concert - seems like an awfully good idea a few months ahead, when the date apporaches it doesn't feel as good anymore? More like, I could have spent my day, evening, weekend more wisely? I've got that feeling about several signed up for-things this week. A good idea at the time, now just... nah. It might be my general feeling of not being well, more than a feeling of course but it's not very obvious to anyone but those close to me thus it's tad trickier (if you want) to grump and hide in a corner, and hopefully it will turn out alright. And of course, as a free grown-up with a will of my own, if it turns out to be crap I can always leave early.

Sometimes I, obviously, have to do things for Prosit. Things the inner me would rather not. At least not some days.

:: With having general less energy to write blog at the (long) moment I don't read much blogs either. I've noticed that me reading/commenting on other blogs and getting comments here does go hand in hand. Not at all necessarily in a reciprocal way though. Funny how things work.

:: Finding out that they will serve a fish dish at one of the why-did-I-sign-up-for-events I asked if they'd have a vegetarian option. The answer was "do you eat fish?" - face palm. A) If I am vegetarian I DO NOT EAT FISH, B) If I was a pescetarian and knew about the fish dish - which I obviously did - I wouldn't ask. People never stops to... astonish me (to put it mildly). They will serve something vegetarian now though.

:: Got the new iPhone case - it's weird how difficult it is to get really protective ones which are at least reasonably pleasing to the eye too! - which turned out to be ridiculously expensive in the end as it got stuck in the customs, sigh. So far I find it nice looking - and look, I had a matching pair of nailpolish bottles at home already! - and easy to assemble, sturdy and a nice-to-hold-material. But also more than a bit bulky and inconvenient when you want to write or touch the side of the screen. Hopefully one can get used to that and learn to work it. From Case Mate.



Angella said...

I must be the QUEEN of planning *good ideas* in advance and then pulling the plug the closer it gets. Wonder why that is? At least you can blame yours on your sickies.
P.S. Is it just me, or has the flavor of this blog post been a bit more candid? I love the wonky crap talk, haha. ;)

I sure hope for the love of all things holy you feel better soon. For your sake more than anything else.

The Elephant's Child said...

My worst ever vegetarian dish was served on a plane. No choices either. They gave me - baked potato, stuffed with mashed potato. No sauce. No milk or cheese. Just bleah.

I really hope you are starting to feel better. You have been unwell for far too long.

pärlbesatt said...

Ha, great minds think alike! Det gröna Dependnagellacket stod jag och lillisen och klämde på igår, efter förrättat ärende. Det köptes in, men ligger på nån slags önskelista. :) (Det var förövrigt expediten på affären som hade det själv och fick oss att uppmärksamma det.) Snacka om synkronicitet!

DahnStarr said...

A bit surprised that you weren't asked "But, you do eat chicken right!?!"

I've been asked to join the P.E.O. Sisterhood and Lions International. Both are great organizations that I strongly support. But, I know what you are saying about the idea of doing something months in advance sounds great. I wanted to join both groups but now I'm not too sure.

Sending you get-well-health-vibs!

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