Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the mock orange and i

shoe per diem - mock orange may 28, 2012

during this lovely time of the year it would indeed be (more than) nice to feel energetic, in balance and happy. but instead my disposition is grumpy, with the odd glimpse of what should be.

something - besides the obviousness of cats, kittens and loaf - that is most always a source of soul and mind soothing is the garden, gardens.

the beloved old sugar loaf fir tree was less of the tree for every season, just a dry mess. alas its time to go to the mighty tree heaven had come and last week it went down. goodbye sugar tree, you've been a fine garden friend.

i had planned to plant a white lilacs shrub in its place, like a little silly white garden (sissinghurst inspired) in a corner of the garden (ornament tree and clematis also being white), but then i found a mock orange plant at växplats nybyn. oh i've always loved to have one of my own! i have such fond childhood memories of them and i adore the scent.

home it came. planted it was. with super fertilizer rockdust. protected from paws attacks. i have to say though that with super fertalizer i had expected it to have grown at least twice its size over night. ah the disappointment.

still, things can only improve, right? like not having to be so utterly tired of being tired. the mock orange and i, a day at a time we'll grow better and better. the tiredness of being tired, be gone.


Fuzzy Tales said...

Overnight? :-)

Once its roots take hold and it settles in, surely it will do well.

Angella said...

I adore grumpy Pia almost as much as happy, healthy Pia. :) Your writing reflects your disposition but I love the frankness you dish out when normally you mightn't.
Feel better. xx

Growing Up Gramma said...

I hope you get your energy back very soon, I'm sure the mock orange tree will do much to lift your spirits and enhance your healing.

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