Friday, May 04, 2012

may weekending

iphone 3 2012 252

for some odd and annoying reason my regular internet connection at home doesn't work - thus this will only be a shortish post alas. not pleased with how the posts and pictures look with the blogging by app, will tweak this later, but i had a little writing urge, so here goes by app.

~ my latest appointment with dr feist and the tests i had led to what will hopefully prove to be a good super-medicine that will get be back to feeling my usual self again. because feeling like this still, after so many weeks is just crap. the vague but obvious symptoms, the overwhelming tiredness, hate it. be gone!

~ poor loafie had his surgery with tumour being removed and neutered, he was such a weary thing yesterday but is reasonable himself today. although plastic funnel, ol' friend, will have to be worn until the stitches are removed in 10 days... not a happy loaf scenario.

~ looks like bluespotted boy ågaton is in fact a bluetortiespotted girl. her name will thus be ågot (apparently danish for agata).

~ i have definitely not forgotten about the tea giveaway...

~ i have loads of things to show and tell, especially with the optics of the iphone 4s having been wonderful to play with, but for today and the app restrictions, one picture it is.

cherry blossom 2012 - magic every year.
i hope you'll have a wonderful weekend ~

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edit - upon editing this post since the app doesn't do the trick for me i realised i had posted cherry blossoms, granted from another tree, another place, in the previous post too... my memory really is short and shallow these days...

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Elephant's Child said...

Be well, and thank you for the glorious cherry blossom. Half a year away here.

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