Sunday, May 20, 2012

the long weekend that was

loaf dog and i

The Ascension weekend has come and gone, thus it has been a rather long luxurious one here in Sweden, many people having a holiday not only on Thursday but on Friday too. It has been pretty blissful, with glorius weather overall. Thoroughly enjoyed by us all I'd say.

I've also thought a lot about my energy level not being quite up to blogging, despite me, as usual, thinking about it whenever I see something especially nice and shareworthy, whenever a picture is snapped. I just don't get around to the actually downloading, uploading, writing bit of it.

And when the days, weeks, months pass the once so shareworthy seems strangely uninteresting and old. I'm thinking perhaps that, even though I love the writing of long posts, with more than one photo, maybe the very short blogpost via the app on a regular basis, perhaps even skipping that unofficial one-post-a-day at the max rule of mine, is what my life is now. When I see it, think it I blog it - and since I don't appreciate the photo uploading via app I can always return to it and tweak it for aesthetical reasons. 

For now though, a few snaps of the weekend that was.

åskar oxburgh

The little fella named Åskar has found a new owner. An unexpected blast from the past that was quite lovely. Perhaps more about that in a post of its own later when I feel inclined. He won't move until late June, so I can still completely enjoy them tiny all - well perhaps not the part when they use me as a giant human pincushion. Which happens several times a day - for a month plus still.


My nails are blue - OPI No time for the blues - and my toe have a Moomin patch. Due to a rather nasty blister. But of course Moomin patch has made it feel all better.


I was very sceptical to trying out a moo toilet seat - not being a fan of animal prints and such. Now I totally love it. It's such a moodlifter!

king's meadow lilies and bobbaloos

We visited the magical king's meadow lily field of 2012 - the bobbaloos were much happier about it than last year. More of in a later post. Hopefully.

midsumer tunic

I got me a pretty little summer tunic. The prettiest thing is actually the embroidery on the back. Another little thing for another little post.


We stumbled over a field with another kind of moos, my favourite the Highland cattle. Too far for close ups, but a delightful sight just the same. May they live long and happy lives...


There was another lovely outing with a wonderful lunch - this is my dish. A so called "health plate" with raw food salad, avocado, hoummus, pesto and fried tofu. It was very very satisfying. Both to the eye, palate and tummy. I wish more food could be like that. The restaurant also offers cooking lessons of various kinds, I've never been tempted to do one of those, but now I am. The vegetarian one sounds awfully nice, given the fabulous fresh and pretty food they serve in the restaurant.

shoe per diem may 19, 2012

The latest pair of shoes was inaugurated. They got all thumbs up for comfort and cuteness. Yay!

wax cloth 2012

The new, fine wax cloth I've been saving for a special day since last summer lasted three (3) days before it was touched by the claws of a cat. The trimmed claws, but still, touched like only a cats claws can.

banana bread

I baked a banana bread. It was a lovely banana bread. Pretty perfect if I may say so myself. Half is in the freezer, half have been enjoyed by several individuals.

agnes and the dandelions

There was pottering around garden - with a scary amount of dandelions this year too - we had to cut down the sugar loaf fir tree, for every year it has been getting drier and drier, it was time to say goodbye. I planned to plant a white lilacs shurb in its place, but I stumbled over a mock orange plant this weekend, I've always wanted one with its intoxicating scent and gorgeousness. Will clear the garden mess during the upcoming week and have a little appropriate farewell ceremony for the fir tree. It has after all served its pretty purpose for many many years as a Christmas lights delight holder, clematis hugger and much more.

Needless to say, but I will anyway,
I hope your weekend has been a fine one -
what did you do, anything special? -
and that the week will treat you well ~


Growing Up Gramma said...

Best toilet seat EVER! Where did you find such a thing?

Carol said...

I have a mock orange and a white lilac in my garden they are so beautiful.

Fuzzy Tales said...

Lovely post, filled with so many "happys," as I call them.

I remember in our old house, growing up, that the underside of our toilet lid had an illustration of a winking owl. I have no idea where my mom got the seat, but it certainly gave first-time visitors to our home a bit of a surprise. :-)

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