Monday, May 28, 2012

what i learnt during the weekend


It has been an eventful week. Given my current health status quite an exhausting one.

Doctor's appointment, blood samples, lung x-ray - no sign of anything abnormal, which is of course good but still, the way I feel is anything but normal and it would be nice to have something very tangible to explain it, not just "the blood samples and your blood status show an infection of some sorts". Perhaps I'm feeling a tad better, but not at all as one would like to feel after two plus months of this... Two weeks and then I'll go back to Dr Feist to check my blood status again. Until then, be nice to myself. Don't overestimate my energy level, take it easy.

Now to the weekend's Geek Girl Meetup - which surely, after the avocado debacle earlier in the week, couldn't be that bad? And of course it wasn't, I wish I could be excited, but I'm not, though it was nice, met some interesting people (some of which I knew via Twitter and Instagram) with whom I would like to have talked some more. The circumstances didn't allow that, so I hope there will be room for that at a later date, on another occasion.

A few things I take with me from the event are;

~ I don't do the group thing -

something which I already knew, but still, I much rather talk one on one with people. Too bad there's most always rarely room or time for that, we're always forced into group situations.  And there are always people in those group situations that want to dominate, that aren't the least bit interested in listening to others and interact.

~ I love it when people are passionate about what they work with or have as a hobby or special interest -

but that doesn't mean that everyone who is passionate about what they do are good speakers and great at conveying the message and their passion in a fascinating way. In fact, many are quite yawn inducing instead.

~ I really am not the least bit interested in the technical parts regarding Internet, computers and social media -

not even spending time with geek girls who are makes it rub off

~ Beautiful Data (the theme for the event) to me is something which is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and mind, good design, great colours, fonts, graphics, snazzy texts and great pictures -

obviously beautiful data is something completely different to these kind of geek girls...

Geek girls are much more open to different non 9-5 lifestyles and have an open mind towards different ways of thinking. Outside the box rocks -

but like in any group, profession, specialist area the bromos, expressions and concepts flourish and if you don't speak or think the lingo, well too bad boohoo

~ To not have to even bother with having to pre-order a vegetarian lunch since at least half of the lunch served is already vegetarian by default is just such a huge relief.

~ I do adore the fact that the name badge strings were shoe laces. Too nerdy and cool for words really. Still contemplating which shoe pair they will adorn.

geek girl meetup 2012

My intention was to attend the event both days, however I was exhausted came Saturday evening, to attend Sunday too just wasn't an option. I doubt I'll attend next year - I think this was the third annual unconference meetup - still, it was very nice to see what all the fuss is about. Even if not world-turning and wow-factorish for me personally, I'm just not that kind of geek girl.

So, what did you learn this past weekend?

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Angella said...

I learned that summer colds can bite me. Seriously. And also, I gained the slightest bit more of excessive sympathy for you in your health feel bad with no end in sight must be scandalizingly frustrating. Best wishes for increased energy and good health. xx

P.S. The shoe laces were such a cute idea!!

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