Thursday, May 31, 2012

blue trio eight weeks old


Not a grump in blog sight, only kittens today. Fluffy, cuddly, adorable, soul soothing and all happy - Clever Cat Thursday it is!

Eight weeks old now, Årvar, Åskar and Ågot, they are wilder than ever - it's quite a significant difference between Ztina and Zigne when they were this age and these three - and quite a handful, but of course a delight too.

åskar at the vet's

First veterinarian visit and vaccination yesterday, not too happy but as always they behave well. They also got to run around a bit and Ågot, in her usual high-pitched screaming manner got behind an old vase, sat herself down and started meowing in her special way. Other than that, all went well. I had expected them to be exhausted from the little trip when they got home. But on the contrary, their energy level had risen, they played wilder than ever games all evening.

ågot alnwick

Adorable and fun as they are, things will undoubtedly be a bit calmer and relaxed when they move in four weeks... Or well, actually Ågot, the little girl is a keeper. This is after all the seventh generation in a straight line from my own breeding, not sure where to go from here - and I can't see myself having kittens again for at least a couple of years now - but to lose that after 19 years would be a pity. So staying she is.


Åskar is already sold - as mentioned before, to a home that bought a cat from me 14 years ago. He was a beautiful male that won a lot at cat-shows at that time and sired many fine kittens. It was so nice to very unexpectedly hear from her again! It would indeed be lovely to sell kittens to homes you already have approved, I've met lots of lovely buyers over the years but the whole thing with unknown people, presumptive buyers visiting the cats and your home it's just a bit... invasive somehow. Yes, as a breeder I've of course brought that bit on myself, still people you already know visiting and opening their homes to another cat, much much nicer... -


and I had hoped the little fluff Årvar - or Sir Plupp as we call him, since he looks just like the little bluehaired troll from an old Swedish children's book, Plupp - had a nice home waiting with open arms. But that didn't work out, so I'm looking for the perfect home still, a worthy new owner. He's just such a gem, though his new owner should enjoy grooming.

Enjoy a mix of snaps of these past few weeks, a blend of some crappy quality and some decent ones, sometimes a moment is just lost if you have to ran for the proper camera. I think the mood and moment somehow speak for themselves even if the photo quality leaves a lot to be desired ~

things you can find on my floor
things you can find on my living room floor
elk and ågot aday12
ågot and the elk (malte's squeaker toy)
åskar and waldemar
åskar and uncle/big brother waldemar
pelle and babies
daddy pelle and a couple of tiny blue ones occupying the sofa
årvar aka sir plupp, 6 weeks old
årvar and åskar
årvar and åskar catching suncats at the front door
åskar oxburgh
åskar, 7 weeks old
little loaf and two blue tykes
ågot annoying the sleeping little loaf...
åskar oxburgh
watching tv is often spent with a sleeping kitten snuggling on the shoulder,
at the neck or in the lap



heidikins said...

Oh my goodness, they are adorable!


Fuzzy Tales said...

Wonderful photos, all of them, even the ones that weren't with the best camera, because who can frown with adorable kittens?

We'll cross fingers and paws that Årvar finds a wonderful forever home.

Unknown said...

All adorable...the kittens and the pictures! Not every cat has their own "dog" toy...Enjoy them while they are here...

Anonymous said...

I wish I were in Sweden, I'll buy Askar straight away. (I have an 14 year old Persian, who's life is getting slowly to the end. And I'm so so sad.)

My love to little ones.

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