Sunday, May 13, 2012

the weekend that was

the ornament tree in bloom

It has been a lazy weekend. There have been rain, there have been sun. For a few glorious days the ornament tree is in bloom.

~ I have finished the latest course of medicine now, I'd lie if I'd say I'm miraculously feeling better, but perhaps at least on the right track. I will await this week - Ascension week, a short working week for most office working Swedes - and if things aren't better by next weekend I will have to have a talk with Dr Feist what to do next. Sigh. I hate feeling like this, the constant, yet not really tangible inbetween of being completely well and feeling competely crap. End of whine for today.


~ We've planted pansies. They've been inspected. I love that I found new boxes for them this year. Bright apple green ones.


~ There have been kitten and cat cuddles galore. And yes, the match my robe, ain't that nifty!


~ The lilacs show great promise this year...

breakfast at tuna trädgård

~ We had fika at a *new* place, a lovely garden, nursery, summer café that I'm sure we'll return to and have a closer look at all the fabulous plants they had.

shoe per diem may 13, 2012 - no socks

~ It was a no socks-day!

a good hairday

~ And yay, it was a good hair day! It doesn't happen often, but when it does it somehow calls for a celebration - I'll save that for later this week. I'm thinking it will be a good one. I have a few nice lunches and meetings booked, the loaf dog will have his stitches removed - and the plastic funnel will finally be history - and they've promised a plethora of sunshine. Somehow life and matter seem a lot brighter and lighter when sunshine and blue skies.

I hope your weekend was sweet and that your week will be a lovely one,
possibly include the cuddle of a little cat or two ~



Poppy Q said...

Looks like a good weekend Miss Pia, I am jealous of your sunshine and lovely pansies.

Those little grey kittens are just kissable. So sweet when they are so little and love to snuggle.

Have a good week.

Julie and Poppy Q

Angella said...

Must have bespotted glasses! :)

Elephant's Child said...

Love, love, love the robe matching kitten.
I really hope your illness is a thing of the past v soon.

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