Monday, May 07, 2012

the shoe lust syndrome

ART shoes and bobbaloos

Apparently the new (unofficial) rule is that every trip that lasts more than one day should comprise a new pair of shoes.

And granted I had saved and planned for a nice little spring shoes purchase in Helsinki since it was said El Naturalista had a flagship store there - the so called flagship store in Berlin was a hole in the wall with far fewer model than one would think so I didn't have that much hope for this one either... - which it was far from. But still, nice in its own way.

Not the models I had hoped for, but there were a few options to chose from. In the end though, when I went back and was to chose which pair I went with a pair of ART shoes instead (like the recent red flowery boots in Tate model, though this model is called Paris). The soles were actually more comfy than the El N models I tried on. And maryjanes, the rounded toes, the quirky details and the raspberry red... well that's somehow very me.


They have now been thoroughly inspected by bobbaloos. And paws. Approved.

It is indeed strange though, that no matter, apparently, how many shoes you have, get, purchase there is always room for more.


I remember I even wrote here in blog years ago - oh dear was that really me writing? - that I was not a shoe-person, sure I love a good-looking (and  comfortable!) shoe, but I wasn't crazy about them, as so many women seemingly are. That has obviously changed. Although the only shoes I look to buy these days are El Naturalistas, and now apparently ART too, other pretty shoes I'm more than happy to just feast my eyes on. One huge reason for my my addiction fascination, love even, of El N shoes are the wonderful colours - the eco, comfiness, design, craftmanship, CSR are the fabulous bonuses - the colours are what get me going, the juices flowing. Like colours always do. Every time.

Now I'm just anxiously await them to begin making vegan shoes and/or use recycled leather...


It is also strange how for every new pair of shoes one might get, there is always (immediately) the next pair to lust after. I blame the colours. If they just stopped making so darn fabulous colours, some new covetable blend for every season, then I'm sure I would not be in such shoe lust. Possibly.

Are you a shoe person?
Or do you lust after sensible things only?
(Because really, how many shoes can one person go through and wear to pieces in a lifetime...)



Growing Up Gramma said...

I do not really think of myself as a shoe person, though could be recruited to the dark side if funds ever permitted.

Angella said...

Shoes...purses...sunglasses...nail polish...I have many many addictions. :)

Unknown said...

Love the shoes, look comfortable and have timeless styling. I am on my feet all day, for my job, we have rules about shoes, leather uppers and rubber soles, so my work shoes are priority...but for the rest of my lifestyle, my tastes are eclectic...

Anonymous said...

less shoes, please, moooore cats, pleeeasee:-)

Poppy Q said...

I am like you - I don't like lots of shoes. I don't do high heels, but I do like a comfy colored shoe and El Naturalistas are pretty cute. Just wish I could afford them.

Yours are super cute.
Julie and Poppy Q

Elephant's Child said...

Not shoes (my feet are too big). Books, earrings, plants, cats .....

heidikins said...

Ooooh, love those shoes! And yes, I'm totally a shoe person. As "Elephant's Child" said, I have big feet, but that doesn't mean I don't want fantastic shoes.


Keridwynn said...

I absolutely love your world - and your kittens, they're so cute! I am a shoes person myself, and I tend to buy only El N and Art too, though I have a few (dozens of) pairs in other brands. So well, we'll probably never wear them to pieces in a lifestyle but it's such a treat!

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