Monday, June 25, 2012

meet viola, the open-toed shoes


Time to show and tell a bit about the latest delightful shoes.

Or well, delightful to look at, delightful fit but alas I found that they do lack the usual elastic verve me and my feet are used to with El Naturalista shoes. That special sweet bouncy walk which is a part of the brand's charm and ergonomical features. The sister shoe, the Cork Oak wedge - and I do not like wedges in general, terribly unflattering and difficult to walk gracefully in for most - I adore. They're comfortable for long city walks and have lots of verve.


But since I do, granted, prefer a non-wedge sole I was very pleased when I saw that the new for this season almost peep-toes - and I've been longing for a pair since last hot summer - were of a more regular cork oak heel.

I put them through a tough first test, but most El Naturalista shoes have passed such a test with flying colours. Though after walking all day on city streets on Åland I can say that they may be comfortable in the no-blisters-in-sight way but certainly not in the perfect-support-for-the-sole-of-feet-way. They are more like Swedish wooden clogs, the inelastic kind, and gave me that tiresome burning sensation under feet. It wasn't a lasting burning sensation, when I got home and slipped in to the slipper/sandals all was well in the feet-world again. And my feet were fine when I woke up the day after.


But for long city walks on tar, I will never wear again. The soles simply offer too little support and elasticity. And I never thought I'd say this; what a difference a wedge make!

I guess I demand a lot from the shoes I buy, perhaps too much, one would usually never wear a pair of high heels in the same way/to the same occasion as wellies or sneakers. But in the case of these violet beauties I expected the same excellenct performance as in the wedge-sister...


This particular pair of violet shoes will fill a purpose for shorter walks in the city and possibly longer walks on softer grounds. For festive occasions and little summer outings - quite the opposite to last year's light violet pretty ones, which are suprisingly comfortable to wear for longer city walks, despite their higher heels... - they're adorable to look at - I adore their chunky 1940ies-look! -, love the deep violet colours, and fit really well. Not to mention air the toes. Now I just wish this particular almost peep-toed Cork Oak would come in the more elastic and supportive wedge model too...


Have you purchased any new summer shoes yet?
Are you happy with them?


heidikins said...

Ohmygoodness!! So cute!


Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Pia, the colour and the makeup of the sandals look great, but I am not fond of thick corky heels, so I am sure they are comfy. I think I would prefer low wedges, as they look nice with slacks, shorts, capris and skirts. I think it would be great to have a few pairs in different colours; greedy me!

Unknown said...

As usual, great looking shoes, love the color. I bought a multi-colored sandal last year that I love, and this year, just a sandal in black, which goes with most of my clothes. It is a good (long lasting) brand and is very comfortable. I wish it was warm enough to get more use out of it.

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