Sunday, July 01, 2012

very summerish circus nails

circus nails

I admit, I have a bit of a thing with circus nails now - I mean, now two posts about them in one week. Madness - they're just so uplifting and perky. Perfect for both sunny days as well as rainy ones - yes, June in Sweden was something like the rainiest one in over hundred years. Which makes for a very very lush and grateful nature though, compared to the last two-three summers - they make me smile.

I've been on the hunt for a great yellow nailpolish for quite some time now, it's hard to find! And sporting the nicotine-fingers look just isn't my idea of sweetness. I got different suggestions of good yellow ones on Twitter. I ended up buying a bottle of Chanel Mimosa on eBay. It arrived promptly, looked very nice in bottle, wasn't a huge hit on toenails - and the lack of a tan didn't help - but today I celebrated the arrival of July with a new colour on nails. I think it looks lovely and sunny, a very nice yellow hue.

chanel mimosa

Even if it took three coats to get there - pale colours are tricky, apparently no matter price level of nailpolish. Despite its most perkiness I couldn't help but thinking that circus nails on the other hand would be great. And I really enjoy the end result.

circus nails

From left to right; Opi Green-wich village, Chanel May (Helsinki trip tax-free treat), Chanel Coco Blue, Chanel Mimosa, Opi Planks a lot.

For a colour nerd like me, the excitement of combining different nailpolish is quite... overwhelming. Like with shoes, socks, yarn, bobbaloos, to name but a few colourful things in my life, it's is threatening addictive very very nice indeed.

I've even pimped the pink office bookshelf with my polish collection. Every office should have one, right? Right.

nailpolish collection in pink office

Wishing each and every well-deserving soul -
with or without circus nails -
a most happy and perky month of July!

PS The cupcake ring is from Etsy and I wrote about it here DS

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heidikins said...

*jaw drops

So awesome. Will definitely be replicating!


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