Wednesday, August 15, 2012

apple season

rosendal garden

seems early to me, but apparently it's apple season in sweden already.

what's your favourite apple dish?
any favourite recipe you'd care to share?

rosendal garden

rosendal garden


Anyusha said...

Oh yes, this is my favourite apple recipe, a pancake:

Only in german, but worth translating it! :-)

Bianca said...

Apple sauce! I often have it with my breakfast, consisting of yoghurt, flakes, some nuts and... apple sauce. I simply cook the apples with a cinnamon stick, a handful of sultana's and a few spoons of honey. Sometimes I play around with the flavour by adding spices such as cloves or all spice.

Elephant's Child said...

I like my apples just as they come from the tree - though I am getting increasingly fussy about the type of apple. Juicy, and a touch tart for me. My preferred apple over here is a Jazz apple (not least because of our cat of that name) but it has a very, very short season.

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