Thursday, August 23, 2012

yelp elite icecream testing - 18 smaker

18 smaker - 18 flavours - is my favourite place for icecream in stockholm. i'm not an icecream gal in general - especially not now when i shy away from dairy products - but this is really lovely, fresh, organic, no additives and not too sweet. plus they have plenty of sorbets and vegan icecreams too.

it's a hole-in-the-wall kind of place and they always serve 18 flavours, which change all the time so you can't be sure if your favourites are there when you pop by. but you'll always find a new one. or two. one of my top favourites is saffron icecream. fantastic flavour, perky and fresh.

this evening a few of us stockholm yelp elites and friends had a really nice icecream testing. a spoonful of 18 flavours, my five favourites where; blueberry cheesecake, soy chocolate, polka, banana and green apple sorbet.

least enjoy where yoghurt icecream with mint and lime, champagne sorbet and pecan maple syrup (too sweet).

when the broadband see fit to work again i'll complete the yelp review. and tweak this post. but for now, in english, this is a place you really shouldn't miss! and yes, i was surprised and happy about the delishness of the vegan icecreams. do try!

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