Monday, August 27, 2012

malte the dog, i tweet therefor i am


Or rather, as that username was already taken, @thedogmalte - this little scruffy and smart (yes it is apparently possible to be both at the same time, at least when your name is Malte, the loaf dog extraordinaire), is now on Twitter. With his very own account.

Not sure if he's convinced about the awesomeness that is Twitter - I know it took me a while... - since tweeps rarely seem to write about the really impawtant things in life like squeaker toys, green chewing bones, carrots, more food, smallsized people, walking and cat herding.

Feel free to head over there and give him all paws up and encouragement to continue his tweeting. Malte, the loaf dog extraordinaire, a well-rounded guy in the prime of his life, a grumpy ol' doggie, pick your epithet and tag along.

malte and the frog

1 comment:

DahnStarr said...

Oh, dear, I have thus far avoided this tweet thing but Mr. Malte is making it more difficult for me. :-)

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