Thursday, August 09, 2012

little helper and ol' grumpy

someone very enthusiastic helped the swedish handball team to the semi-finals the other day (despite her half-sister doing her best disturbing).

myself i couldn't care less about sports or the olympic games - finding it quite heartbreaking really thinking about all that money, time, energy and enthusiasm poured into it. which could have been spent in a much wiser way. like helping this world of ours finding a better, greener, sustainable path. for example.


Fuzzy Tales said...

I've actually been watching a fair bit of the games, in spite of the fact that Canada always is way down the list in terms of medal-winning countries. Guess our tax dollars go to "less important" things like oh, universal health care. LOL. And to line politicians pockets, of course--that's a given, no matter what country one lives in.

Still, no matter what country or whether you win a medal, an athlete has to be at the top of his/her field to even make it, and I find the sheer power of the human body amazing to watch.

My favourite Canadian athlete moment so far, well two: One was the young high jump winner (Derek Drouin) who had never even competed in a World Cup, let alone the Olympics. He came in relaxed, no stress, with the idea just to have fun, and he won bronze. He was completely surprised and just so laid back about it.

The other was Mark Oldershaw, men's single canoeing. Comes from a family of 3 generations of Olympic athletes, with 5 in the family having gone to the games over the years. None ever won a medal, till now. He also took bronze in his event. He was just so happy!

I can well imagine that most of the top athletes, in the top countries, figuratively spit on silver and bronze--totally discount them. So it was SUCH a joy to see these two, and see the complete happiness and appreciation for winning a medal. Any medal.

Unknown said...

I have not watched a lot of the Olympics this time. It is a way for these super athletes to show off the time, energy and money that is spent for them to get to the Olympics. Yes, there are a lot of better things, this money could be spent, on, but, the world would not be the world, if they did not have these events. Whomever, holds the Olympics spend a great deal of money to host them...they will be paying for it, for years to come. That is a decision, each city/country, has to make for themselves.

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