Friday, August 03, 2012

hello weekend

summer driving

Oh how I wish I could go into the weekend with a twinkle in my eye and in happy spirit, sadly I will not. Due to

a) the silliness of tooth ache. Yes really. Again. A week ago I took a bite of a sourdough toast and  a pain shot through the right tooth - the same tooth I lost the filling in and had fixed in March, right on the opposite side of the darn root canal tooth last year - it has been acting up ever since whenever I eat something, there's a dull ache in my jaw. Sigh. I bet there's a crack below the new filling or something. Probably need to call the dentist on Monday. Sigh again.

b) even if I have been getting slowly better all summer, the runny left nostril refuses to give. It's such an unbelievable nuiscance! At home I just let it drip, I can't be bothered blowing my nostril anymore, but in company I always have a tissue at hand - the amount of tissues I've gone through in five months... - but of course, whenever I tip my head, there it goes dripping again and I hold something I can't exactly keep the tissue in hand. It's just nasty and annoying beyond belief, that a silly dripping nostril can do that, who knew? Plus the tiresomeness of waking up to a wet pillow every morning...

I have a doctor's appointment next Friday, a new doctor, to whom kind Dr Feist has sent me. Hopefully she's a nice and good one. And hopefully the new tests will show improvement. Can just the snivel and dripping go away please!

broken el naturalista

c) the lovely pair of Viola shoes have broke beyond repair. Yesterday I noticed that the cork heel had crumbled and broke in two pieces.

Not sure if it was a fault in the pair I got, or if it's a design flaw - I'm very pleased with my Cork Oak wedges and in hindsight they seem like a sturdier model suitable for cork than a clog model, which of course, as I wrote before, lacks elasticity but are still subject to the tenstions of footsteps... - no matter what I am truly disappointed since it was such a lovely pair of shoes in a gorgeous colour. I would love a  new pair, but I don't dare since I don't trust the construction of the heel.

I've made a complaint to the shop I got them, I looked at other shoes in the same Viola colour, but sadly the models I like don't have any in my size left. So a refund it is. 

It's quite obvious I do not lack in the shoe department, in fact I could probably open my own shoe department by now, but some colours are just special, more special than others. And I had been looking for open toe shoes for so long, with moderate heels. I guess this wasn't the summer I found them.


With dealing all this, after an overall lovely month of July, I can't help but thinking how utterly crap August began and continued last year. It was such an awful awful month for me. But after the crap and the awfulness came new beginnings.

So being a proper grown up (ugh), getting through the hurdles, paying the denist's bill with the shoe refund (how sad but necessary that will be) and everything will be alright on the other side of the hurdles. And hopefully August will still be enjoyable, in other ways. And there's always a kitten to cuddle.

Go ahead and have 
a lovely August weekend ~



Elephant's Child said...

And a kitten to cuddle can make right a lot of things...

Poppy Q said...

On no, those shoes were lovely. I wish I could afford some el naturalistas, but they are a bit out of my budget. It is so annoying when you find the perfect pair and they fall apart.

I bought some sensible ecco walking shoes, and my one splurge will be a pair of birkenstocks for the summer.

Julie and Poppy Q

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