Sunday, August 26, 2012

weather changes

saturday offered one of the nicest days so far weatherwise this summer.

today we had planned for the annual end of summer picking of flowers. alas it was a day of incredible weather changes, heavy downpour, thunder and lightning of the scary kind (which made for a tornado in the neighbouring suburb).

for the first time, properly, this year, this summer, the extreme weather, the sudden changes, scare me. recently reading several articles about less than 10 years left of this planet as we know it doesn't help.

and yet so many, too many, people refuse to grasp, acknowledge, change their lifestyles. that scares me too. how about you?


pärlbesatt said...

När jag läste i DN om att somrarna här i norr kan antas bli som den vi haft, pga klimatförändringar, blev jag sugen på att göra nåt mer än bara det jag försöker göra på egen hand. Vet bara inte VAD det skulle vara. Vad säger du?

The Elephant's Child said...

Frightened here as well.

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