Wednesday, August 29, 2012

arts, crafts and leafs with bobbaloos

stockholm offered fabulous summer weather.

met a friend i hadn't seen for ages.

went to see an arts and crafts exhibition at museum liljevalchs - it was lovely, inspirational and aweinspiring. if only humanity could spend more time creating fine and fun things like this instead of doing their best of destroying this one planet. rhen life wouldn't be so bad.

took lots of pictures, most still need editing. thus will show more later (have you heard that one before...)

but the 2000 giant leafs - so disappointed i missed the opportunity to participate myself - impressed both me and bobbaloos.

after the exhibition end on sunday sept 2nd they will all be sold for a good cause; planting trees in africa-project. bit disappointed the one leaf i wanted to make a bid for was already sold. ah well...

overall a lovely day.


Elephant's Child said...

The arts and crafts exhibition sounds fabulous.

Lena R said...

It was a great day, Pia - thank you for accompanying me to Liljevalchs! Hope I'll see you soon.

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