Monday, November 19, 2012

monday musings

on a day when there are news like this (will fix the links when i get to the computer) -

climate change worse than ever before (as if we didn't already know...)

and blatant animal abuse for the sake of a movie (the hobbit, boycott!)

to name a few, it just seems more trivial than ever to write a little something on nailpolish. thus i won't, save it for another day. (a day when i will shy away from the news and the internets.)

on the homefront, the saddest news is that we are apparently housing the hungriest cats in the whole wide world under this roof. behold picture proof below.

1 comment:

Angella said...

I read the heartbreaking Hobbit article too....sad for these animals that died in the name of entertainment. Are we filming in the dark ages for crying out loud??!! So unnecessary.

Kitties look gorgeously pinkified. :)

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