Saturday, November 10, 2012

when in lack of food inspiration

not only has these past close to eight months been a sad lack of all sorts of inspiration and energy - yes there have been exceptions now and then, I know, but to be honest not nearly as much and as often as 'normal'... - for many things in life, i've also lacked inspiration and energy to cook new thing, to vary the dinners. with few exceptions here too.

thus there have basically been three-four different dinners on rotation in this household since march;
roasted root veggies with soy sausage,
lentil stew,
warm potato salad with whatever veggies there's in fridge/freezer with halloumi
and most of all this, veggie wok with noodles and quorn or halloumi.

but when i stuff my face with this for the upteenth time and enjoy it (like one always do with stuff that contains carrots, broccoli and halloumi) the main thought that goes through my mind is that really, there are far worse stuff to be overdosing on, far far worse things to be in a food rut with.

how about you, when you lack inspiration to cook which is/are dish/es
you return to, rely on?

1 comment:

Elephant's Child said...

A small salad. Tomatoes, avocado, feta, some green leaves (rocket/beetroot, and whatever else comes to hand. Dressed with a lemony vinagrette and served with olive sourdough.

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