Thursday, November 29, 2012

sheepish sweater

not sure what i think about this fluffy fake fur sweater i spotted last week.

on the one hand i'm not a great fan of fake fur in clothes and interior design.

on the other hand i think fake fur vests etc can be quite cute.

i would never pay the sum stated on the pricetag of this sheepish sweater, neither design, material or work is worth it, i am however rather inspired to create and sew something similar myself. yes, i do think my overall impression of it is; quite cute. what's your opinion on it?


Angella said...

It looks so soft. And for as much as you love color....I am in love with the original oatmeal. Or a nice grey would do. ;-)

Elephant's Child said...

Think of the number of acrylics which would have to die to bring it to you. Levity aside, it looks good. And soft and snuggly as well.

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