Tuesday, November 06, 2012

magical wristwarmers 2012


'tis the season of magical wristwarmers.
been doing them for four years now.
three finished so far this season.
two perky pairs have moved to new home.

magic wristwarmers 2012

the pink/grey pale pair with furry rim i treated myself to.
i may prefer bolder colours but i still love the soft, sweet hues in that yarn.

interested in having a pair of your own?
let me know, i sell them via the pia k stockholm etsy-shop,
but i keep it empty unless there are specific orders.

magic wristwarmers 2012


Elephant's Child said...

Pretty, but waaaay too hot in this climate. Even in winter. I love to look at yours though.

Lost Star said...

They are amazing! How much? (I love the colours on the right side)

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