Sunday, November 11, 2012

the lumberjack cap

the lumberjack cap

finished this during the us election night watch thus even if it may be a lumberjack cap due to the circumstances concerning its finishing hours i've renamed it the obama cap. happily so.

though when someone said i looked 22 while sporting it it may also be refered to as the miracle cap i suppose. (flattering won't get you everywhere, i am however very grateful for the, in this case, good laugh i got due to it. laughing keeps one young.)

the lumberjack cap

it's not meant to be a cap for me though, but for m. though admittedly it does make him look more than a tad like the village idiot. thus not quite sure which head it will adorn come snow.

be as that may, i'm really pleased about its looks and finish. the first project i made from the birthday book; knitting and crocheting with leftover yarns. tweaked pattern a bit, but overall it worked well.

the lumberjack cap

i used up eight different leftover yarns and how very very nice that was. not having to buy any new yarns but still completing a very nice woolly project.

the lumberjack cap

(even though granted i would love to make more caps like this in other colours like turquoise, orange, bright pink, applegreen etc etc...)

for now, post without links, pictures uploaded via app, but it'll give you an idea of

the lumberjack ~
obama ~
miracle cap.
happy cap.

the lumberjack cap


Elephant's Child said...

Are you sure you are not 22?

Angella said...

This hat does make you look very young! You must must have hit the genetic lottery...lucky girl.

Poppy Q said...

I love that hat, especially the purple side.

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