Wednesday, November 28, 2012

on the nails

i've never ever seen the use for base and/or top coat, a good quality nailpolish lasts at least a week and after a week i'm usually tired of the colour and want to try something new anyway.

but then i spotted a special box with essie all in one base - good to go top coat - and a polish (burgundy) for a special nice price.

felt weird to put that amount of time and work just to paint the nails. not sure i enjoyed the super glossy finish.

but after a few days the look grew on me. and no sign of chipping whatsoever.

until one of the nails suddenly fell of (colour, not actual nail of course). so much for the usefulness of base/top coat...

- a week and a half later all but two of the other nails remain unharmed though -

i then painted the 'lost' nail with just polish, as usual. six hours later it looked like this.

yes, of course nails are clean and dry when i paint them, so why this particular nail reacts in an odd way, to both with base/top coat and without, still remains a mystery.

ah even silly luxuary problems are problems.

a week later, i couldn't help myself, i splurged on two very perky polish, to beat the winter gloom. colours colours can do that. bright blue 'butler please' and bright orange 'snap happy' (which of course is VERY me!). they may play a part in an un-seasonal circus nail display soon, very soon. with or without base/top coat remains to be seen.

ps still no working broadband, seems so long ago i actually used a life-sized computer and its easier, no fuss internet access. nuisance indeed.

not only when blogging of course, but it is messy with the posts date/publishing and the ugly way in which the photos get published. me nor like. yes, possibly a luxuary issue too, in parts at least... ds


thuu said...

found! reindeer(^^).

Elephant's Child said...

I do like that burgundy colour. How positively weird that the colour should just pop off like that...

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