Thursday, November 01, 2012

world vegan day


October, World Vegetarian Month, was rounded off with today, November 1, being World Vegan Day. Admittedly I (we) did not celebrate or respect it with a completely vegan food day - vegetarian cheese, butter, honey and halloumi were consumed too - but the leftover spicy lentil stew for lunch and dinner was delicious and vegan.

I did however celebrate it by doing one of the loveliest things I've done in a long time - walking, playing and cuddling with two dogs named Malte! Yes, there's another dog named Malte in the hood, totally a copycat namewise but also totally adorable, a sweet-natured pug as he is.

malte and malte

Took loads of pics, got some nice ones, but mostly they were a blur. Which of course is a great proof that the doggies enjoyed themselves. The pug Malte was quite taken with me, I got loads of kisses, the REAL Malte didn't exactly approve of the attention lavished on the other Malte but he's such an easy going character - the grump he saves for the cats.

Spending time with animals really is the best soothing of the soul there is. And that I did and had a plethora of on World Vegan Day.

How did you spend World Vegan Day?

malte and malte


Angella said...

TWO Maltes??!! My heart could stop from the cuteness! Animals are the best (by a distance) soul soothers. Agreed.
I spent Vegan Day inside with sore tooth achiness. Blah. But autumn pictures with sweet pups is a mood lifter for sure. :)

Elephant's Child said...

Happiness on four legs. As it so often is.

Lisen said...

Aaaaw, cute M & M! Double-cute. :)

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