Wednesday, November 21, 2012

when the hungry finally get fed and other short stories

a typical scene when they fiiiinally get wet food - remember yesterday's face of tragedy -

and strangely enough they always seem to have mysteriously multiplied in numbers when there's food on the table.

myself i spent monday with new blood samples - oh how i long for the day when this kid is alright, no more samples showing little annoying anomalies one has to keep an eye on, no more regular doctor's appointments... -

followed by a special offer facial - thought it would take the usual ~1 hour 15 minutes. it took 2+ hours... granted it was really lovely and thoroughly done, i got lots of compliments for my skin (soaking that up!) and the algar mask was a treat.

but it also made me 45 minutes late for a fika date. how utterly embarrassing that was! but when i finally arrived it turned out to be a very pleasant couple of hours in inspirational company. kind forgiving company.

how have you spent your tuesday?

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