Thursday, November 15, 2012

something old, something new

My old washing machine - it was fairly new when we moved in here, almost 11 years ago - finally gave up. It has been acting up in all sorts of ways for years now, but when the last laundry session made both what was suppose to be clean laundry and the house reek of mould (oh the nastiness!) it was time to say bye bye.

New machine is eco friendly and clever, at least it claims to be, I hope it'll save energy, water, money and time. Obviously no pink dream machine, but shiny, new and rather awesome looking. And it got the bobbaloo stamp of approval (although, really, couldn't you've gotten a fun colour??). Very reasonable price and a campaign with free delivery and installation, plus they took the old, nasty one with them for a peanut fee.

I haven't tried it out yet, I think I'll spend all weekend doing lots of laundry and trying all the programs out. I live a glamorous life. I have to say that the delivery was the most efficient and customer friendly I've come across so far, I didn't have to wait all day, they were to arrive somewhere between 12 - 5 pm, but were to call 30 minutes ahead. They called around 11.15 and arrived at 11.45, everything finished and done at 12. I'm just not used to such friendly efficiency when it comes to deliveries and handymen, such a pleasant surprise.

Another pleasant surprise, which may get in close contact with new washing machine when it's time for laundry, was the wool - silk cardigan with quirky applications (birds, flowers, tweed) I got in the Azores back in 2005. Surprise as in, I knew I had it, but admittedly I've never worn it and was hesitant it would fit. But it did and it was rather lovely. Needless to say I'm no fan of the "haven't worn something for a year, get rid of it"-idea. Rediscover old-ish stuff like this is like getting something new.

Something old,
something new,
something shiny,
something brown.

azores cardigan

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