Thursday, February 28, 2013

tiger pattern yarn

tiger pattern yarn

My dislike for animal patterns and prints is deep and firm, very firm. So not my cup of tea. However, this yarn, tiger patterned, I found it intriguing. It's amazing what they can make and create just by the design and colouring of yarn these days. As if the magical yarn for the magical socks wasn't enough.

Thus against my principles and deep dislike I got me a hank and have been enjoying watching the pattern grow. The beanie is finished now, rather cute, despite being all tigerish. Finished result later, alongside the plethora of beanies and caps I have been knitting lately. Once again, knitting is such a comfort, therapeutical and calming.

I used to make lots and lots of scarves and shawls, then it was the socks, wristwarmers, mittens and now it's beanies and other caps I'm completely absorbed with. I really should make an effort and put some up in the Etsy-shop I guess. Perhaps. One day. But for now I settle for the knitting being, alongside cat cuddles, fresh air and cups of tea, the best therapy in sorrow there is.

tiger pattern yarn

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Elephant's Child said...

I can cope so much better with synthetic/artificial animal prints than I can the obscenity that is animal fur used to adorn a person.

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