Tuesday, September 01, 2015

oh vegan sandals, you hold so much awesomeness and still...

Every time I think "oh I really should wear those vegan sandals more...!" this scenario plays out:

- I consequently put them on when weather permits.
- Take a few happy and very bouncy steps with them indoors.
- Go out, walk a few metres and then I remember exactly why I don't wear them all that often.

Because just inside the right shoe at the top part of the sandal, just above the big toe cuticle is a seam that hasn't been smoothed out. Which every single time, just after a few steps without a doubt causes a very small, very painful chafe on the cuticle that starts to bleed.

Yes, it's probably very easy to fix with some sort of soft plaster over the hard seam inside the top sole, but I keep forgetting it every time I've walked a day in them. Otherwise super comfy shoes and it's only the right shoe that has this issue. I get home, tend to the poor sore toe, put the sandals aside and forget the drawback until next time.

A pity the only completely vegan shoes I have are the ones I have this kind of issues with. The soles and the fit are otherwise excellent. Until next summer I will not, must not forget to have this fixed.

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Cecile Hebrard said...

I had the same issue a few years back: you can generally solve it with a nail file! Simply use the file as you would on nails to even out the seam. Otherwise a drop of nail polish can also do the trick. Good luck next time!

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