Wednesday, May 14, 2008

27 Days Later


Time to stop smelling the lilacs - which took their roughly 27 days of sweet time to bloom


Time to stop loafing around - if your not a loaf doggie with a liquorice nose and an adorable underbite that is



Time to put on those cute shoes - on sale, really very much needed a pair of small heels, to be honest, feet adamantly demanded I got them...


Time to leave adorable hat at home - hat will instead accompany loaf dog in guarding house and cats when undersigned is out and about on important businesses


Wendy said...

Malte pictures melt my heart. :)

I'm seriously considering getting a dog this summer - shhhhh, it's a secret - but am worried about whether I should or not because I work fulltime. I would, of course, employ a dog walker but don't know if that would be enough. Tell me, what do you think? Do you leave Malte during the day? Need advice!

Pia K said...

He is kind of sweet, yeah:)

Myself I got Malte at a period in my life when he was the one who got me out of bed and out on walks, since getting a puppy very much resembles getting a baby in the family the first month/s just revolved around that little tyke and his needs. Even if he's such a darling I'm pretty sure I wouldn't go through getting a puppy again. I'm not really a dog person like that, and cats are just so very easy going compared.

Anyway. Personally I'm not really sure a dogwalker will be enough those first months, since there's a whole lot of "owner imprinting" to be done. The best thing is of course if you can get home now and then during the day and spend some time with him/her, or how I envy those who can take the dog with them to their jobs...

When I'm away from home more than 5-6 hrs my mother/others looks after him/go for walks. This works well. Not so sure it would have when he was a pup though.

I can talk to a friend of mine who's a breeder/dog lover what her views are on this and get back to you ok?

Another option is to get a grown/young dog and not a puppy, perhaps from a shelter. I should think they'd be more adaptable with dogwalkers etc.

Wendy said...

Thanks so much, Pia. You've given me a lot to think about. I'm doing a huge amount of research at the moment, trying to make this possible. I have a friend who is a dog trainer and she says something similar to you - the dog will be fine when it's older but up until 6/7 months will need more attention than a dog walker will be able to give it. The puppy would be 10 weeks when I got it and I'd be on holiday for the next two months. Trying to work out the following two months though. Sigh.

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