Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Eating Out - Brunch at Saimi Brown

I'm not much of a brunch person, sleeping late yes, but that's never followed by a combined breakfast and lunch in a more substantial meal. Breakfast as usual and a later lunch/dinner instead. So the times I've eaten a brunch style meal out can definitely be counted on the one hand fingers.

But I think this will change, because I've found (through a seemingly incidental mention in a newspaper, though nothing seemingly about it I'm sure...) a place that serves a rather nice and wholesome version of brunch. The wholesomeness of course depends on whether you chose the vegetarian brunch and the possibly side orders...

The place doesn't look much and the proprietors very obviously lack interest in making a place look homely or snazzy, the interior is very basic and bare. As should be clear by now is that I like places for food to be cosy and comfy, though if the food and service is alright I might be willing to adjust. Hence I adjust here.

The brunch comes in three styles, English, American and best of all vegetarian. It's basically a full English breakfast, with the American omitting the (garlic infested) mushrooms and including pancakes with blueberries instead. The vegetarian one has a couple of very nice vegetarian sausages. Freshly squeezed orange juice and coffee/tea of choice included. You can also omit things and make side orders. I thought the brunch lacked something fruity for a nice round off so next time I'll get the fresh fruit side order.

081004 002

Basically this brunch equals a full English breakfast - something I never eat unless on a British isles holiday of course - and from a Swede's point of view that makes for a nice middle of the day meal. A bit too much with both scrambled eggs and the fried one, the toast is nice with the beans but who wants butter/marmalade for lunch/brunch?

The size of the meal was perfect, I felt full without feeling stuffed afterwards, ingredients and preparation felt fresh. The orange juice was divine (though it would have been nice with a larger glass...) and the latte I had was great. M had tea and it was served in a generous (cosy!) cup.

081004 004

These are the American pancakes - and yes there was maple syrup too, yuk... - that comes with the American brunch version. M said they were just perfect. Myself I don't like these types of pancakes at all, but if one does they're available as a side order.

Name and location of this place for brunch, served Sat-Sun 11-16 (also open for breakfast, coffee and cake, dinner all week) - Saimi Brown, Borgmästargatan 7, Stockholm

EDIT - as far as I know sadly Saimi Brown seized to exist as a restaurant - place for brunch some time in 2009.

081004 006


John D. said...

Ohh man, that food looks SO good! : )

Becky said...

I would vote for the pancakes, but real Maple Syrup, NOT! I like applesauce and a touch of brown sugar.
Beans for brunch, I don't think so either. To each his own I guess.
Thanks for stopping by, and have a happy day.

Poppy Q said...

Miss Pia, I am with you. I am not much of a breakfast/brunch person and certainly nothing heavy. Those pancakes look too heavy, I prefer crepes or waffles with maple syrup, but for dessert not breakfast.

It must be fun going to all these places, and writing your secret reviews. I enjoy reading them.

Julie and Poppy Q

Pia K said...

I suppose it does, John, just the way it's meant to:)

I like my pancakes the Swedish way, they're much thinner and made with wheat flour, but like you, Becky, I like them with apple sauce. Or blueberry jam, with a dash of whipped cream for festive occasions or vanilla icecream, mmm... But not for brunch then:)

Thanks, Julie! Yes crepes are nice too, for dessert. Since I like to eat or have coffee out, way before blog was invented, I think it's neat to share my views this way:)

stromsjo said...

The whipped cream doesn't require any festive occasion, Pia. In fact, it creates a festive occasion! :)

In related news, McDonald's have removed maple syrup from their breakfast menu in Sweden. Some years back, in fact. Nowadays you get strawberry jam with your pancakes. No cream though. Sigh.

Pia K said...

That's so true, Per, whipped cream creates the festive occasion! And for the McD news, I had no idea they had neither pancakes nor maple syrup. Of course...:)

Willow said...

Wow! what a fantastic breakfast! Beans and veggie sausages also IN STOCKHOLM! BRILLIANT! Has anyone tried Syrap? It's just off Odenplan... the food is fantastic and very good value. Scrambled eggs and lashings of bacon for those who eat meat.. for those who don't the veggie choices are wicked and also served with American pancackes that are very light and served with the choce of bluebeeries/pecan/bannana/or maple syrup. Also you get some very nice side salad (for the healthy bit)witha truely delicious dressing. They have muselli and orange juice or bagels and everything comes with toast, jam and cream cheese. We love it!

Pia K said...

sadly saimi brown doesn't seem to exist as a restaurant anymore, willow...:(

i do know about sirap, i used to work in those neighbourhoods years ago and we used to have lunch therfe now and then, it was quite good indeed!

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