Monday, October 13, 2008

Never Enough Shoes

Those words of wisdom aren't mine, because contrary to what some might think I'm not that fond of shoes, really, but I like the sentiment and the pendant, so this is what became of the fourth pendant from primoriginals ~


The third necklace I made from those lovely, quirky pendants was a black and red thing with a dancing girl in a red dress ~


The girl in red dress necklace is wire wrapped and adjustable with a lobster clasp, incl pendant it's approx 108 cm - 42,5 inches long. It is made with glass beads, seed beads, pretty black and red Indian glass beads with flowers that compliments the girl's flowery red dress. The lovely violet semi-precious stones are syringa and there's also one amethyst heart attached to it.


The never enough shoes-necklace is also adjustable but not wire wrapped, instead it closes with a loop. The length is the same as the other, incl pendant approx 108 cm - 42,5 inches. Add some lovely seagreen glass beads and a few seed beads it's pretty much all about semi-precious stones, tourmaline, amethyst and lavender quartz flowers and one strawberry quartz heart.


As opposed to the other two, these necklaces are for sale. Give me a gentle nudge if you're interested in getting more information.


Felisol said...

Hi, Pia,
last Ruby Tuesday you told about your necklaces.
They are gorgeous.
Have you also made the dancing woman who is the center piece of the jewelry?
I like hearts and pearls combined with old driftwood and autumn leaves. Beautiful composition.
From Felisol

Liz said...

Wow, such gorgeous necklaces!!! I'm honored that you've used my pendants!

:) Liz

Pia K said...

Thanks, doublethanks really, Felisol, yes, I too love the way one can use nature's wonders for compositions like this:)

Oh I wish I had made that pretty pendant, but no, they're both made by talented Liz (see comment above) and her primoriginals. Link to her work can be found in the post itself.

Ah, thanks, Liz! I'm just so happy I found your lovely work and pendants:)

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