Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ruby Tuesday

Since last week's Ruby Tuesday post was rounded off with a Swedish style red wooden house, I think it's appropriate to begin this post with another one. This one can be found in the inner city (yes really!) of Stockholm, in the outskirts of an area that's called Vitabergsparken (The White Mountain's Park) and I think it's quite lovely ~


Stockholm is a colourful and picturesque place to live in for all beings, even the birds have their own little red houses (this wee one can be found in the vicinity of the above larger model) ~

Autumn is showing its true colours here, there and everywhere now ~

By next Tuesday these gorgeous red stones will hopefully have, as if by magic, turned into something seasonally jewellery ruby lovely ~

For more lovely red Ruby Tuesday posts, have a look here


Becky and Gary said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. This is my first visit to Sweden, and I am thrilled. My maternal grandmother, and some of her siblings were born in Ljusne,Sweden. She had many tales to tell before her family sailed to America in 1892.
I love that red birdhouse, and your leaves are striking. The large red house looks similar to a barn.
Please visit again, and have a happy RT.

Ken said...

Love those white windows against the red. Hope you can go closer.

Felisol said...

I've scrolled down your blog.Interesting stuff and nice, original pictures.
Can you believe; I've never been in Sweden even though my grandpa came from the Ôrebro area, and all my family have been in Eastern Way quite often.
Your lovely pictures from Stockholm has made me think twice I also am looking forward to seeing your beads turn into jewelery.
From Felisol

Titania said...

Red is great; as always Pia, wonderful imaginativ.

etteY said...

great pictures! the cute little birdhouse is my fave! Have a great day ^_~.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pia,
thanks for visiting my blog in Australia, where winter is over and spring is here.
I love your photos, especially the red building ane birdhouse. Thanks for sharing your part of the world with us!

Pia K said...

Thanks, becky and gary! That's a nice wee story about your grandmother, such eventful and interesting, though full of hardship, lives they lived back then...

Thanks for visting, ken!

Thanks for all kind words, felisol!

Thanks, as always, for that sweet comment, Titania:)

Thanks for your visit, ettey!

Thanks, bowerbirdz, have a lovely spring, sounds weird saying that while looking out my window...:)

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