Thursday, October 30, 2008

Malte Got A Brand New Toy


In my goodie bag exchange - which I most probably will write more about later, since I feel all giddy and starry eyed-five-year-old-on-Christmas-Eve after unwrapping its wonderful, wonderful contents - was also one item of hedgehog. The soft kind. The squeaker toy kind. For one hairy loafdoggie.

I'm far from certain it was the most brilliant of ideas, from my poor ears point of view. One loaf extraordinaire on the other hand has found a new bestest friend. A friend that he protects with every fierce fibre of his muscular, rotund little loaf dog body.


To summarize this evening; human ears not very happy, poor hedgehog probably not too content with the welcome to Sweden-committee, one loaf doggie extraordinaire more than extremely pleased with choice of gift ~

Mine, all mine, oh it squeaks so good
Please notice fine set of teeth that protect and serve squeaker hedgehog well
Of course I know where to squeeze, silly
Me and by new bestest bestest BESTEST friend, growl and snarl


aforkfulofspaghetti said...

That's one very happy-looking loaf doggie! I'm not sure the squeaky hedgehog has a very long life expectancy...

Webradio said...

Your dog is beautiful !

Becky and Gary said...

Aw, how cute, and he really doesn't want you to take it away.

Poppy Q said...

Awww Malte you looks so happy with your new friend. I hope you has lots of snuggle time over the weekend.

Pia K said...

Oh he was absolutely ecstatic, for about 1,5 days before the hedhog stopped squeaking, afos.

Thanks, webradio! I think he is kind of adorable:)

Ys, dogs and their behaviour can be *almost* as fun to watch as cats, Bcky...:)

Well, snuggle time with hedgehog seems to be over for Malte, he broke the squeaker inside and somehow a toy isn't as fun without it. Hedgehog is pleased and enjoying his weekend though, Poppy Q.

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