Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In the 1003 Post There's Ruby Tuesday


Time flies, only a few months back there was blogpost number 900 in the World According to Undersigned, it almost coincided with the three years' blogoversary. And hey presto, now it's already number 1003!

Number 1000 turned out quite befittingly to be another special day (something I didn't realize until a few days after the fact). So the blogpost was kind of celebrated, even if not by own merits. Dear blog with posts, the above cake (which was absolutely delicious) was eaten also in celebration of you reaching the 1000 post mark. I hope you had the best of days.

Now over to another day of celebrating the colour red ~


The red foursome this week consists of one red man walking, just because people wearing clothes in gorgeous red - instead of these drab and completely uninspiring black, navy, grey, beige outer garments everywhere you look in Stockholm, Sweden... - makes me happy.


Despite those drab looking coats, clothes and outfits colourwise, Swedes do like their red cars...


... and of course our red houses, that come in many shapes and forms.

And yes, the trees around here, there and everywhere are still as much photo inviting as they have been for some autumn time now. Some more than others.


For more Ruby Tuesday posts, have a look here


Per Stromsjo said...

Hey, I missed that milestone. Kind of comforting though that you did too... ;) All sorts of happy anniversaries these days then.

Yen said...

so many beautiful red photos here! Love the last 2 pics:)

Mine's up HERE and HERE.
Hope to see you there! Happy RT!~

~Just Me~ said...

These shots are terrific!!

ellen b said...

Such lovely red here! Well done!

Anonymous said...

Awesome RT photos! Love all the different reds.


Ralph said...

Red is red, and your subjects have captured it well. I really like that barn, in a classic red. What is interesting, like in the US, a barn just doesn't look like a barn in any color other than RED. Mice!

Felisol said...

Dear Pia K,
Your variety of Swedish pictures just amazes me.
The cake with the red rose; so inviting, bet it tastes as good as it looks.
Men in red garments are not common anywhere in Western Europe, I think.
Sign of depression?
Cars; they should be red or black. A row of red cars is not common, or what?
Have a Happy Ruby Tuesday and ditto anniversary.
From Felisol

foodiejenn said...

Great pictures from your location!

My entries are here and here. Hope you can pass by, too!

Gattina said...

Parcs in this season look all a little the same in northern Europe !

Picturing of Life said...

many red in here :D

Mine in HERE. Hope you have time to visit also. Thanks

Titania said...

A lovely ruby series. I love the red house with the birches and adore the picture with the autumn coloured trees. Amazingly the grass is still very green.

Becky and Gary said...

Cool choices Pia. Our red trees have all disappeared. Have a wonderful RT.

Olga said...

Great shots! I especially like the one of the man and the barn.

Dianne said...

I thought the man was Obama LOL
guess I have him on the brain

beautiful series, especially the red houses

haleyhughes said...

Wow, that cake in the top photo is making me hungry. Love all the red in the series. The cars lined up made me smile for some reason -- maybe it was nostalgia for my old red car.

Happy Ruby Tuesday~

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on those 3 years of blogging and over 1,000 posts!

I simply love your choices for red!!

You can see the horse in Terminal B at the Barcelona airport...
Happy RT!

Leora said...

Quite a variety you have here! So many different shades of red. The fall photos are the most comforting for me.

Pia K said...

Per - thanks! Yes, I'm a bit huffed for missing it, but hey, even the sun has its spots...;)

Yen - thanks for stopping by!

~just me~ - thanks for that sweet comment:)

Ellen B - thanks for one nice comment!

Thanks, Paz, I always treasure your comments:)

Ralph - thanks for commenting, you're quite right about the red and barns, although plain woodcoloured ones are rather barnish looking to me too.

Felisol - thanks for a very nice and well thought through comment! The cake was really lovely, if I don't bake myself that bakery is the one I get my cakes from, very reliable:) Myself I like red cars, and so it seems does many Swedes but to see them in a row like this isn't that common.

Foodiejen - thanks!

Gattina - I've noticed that too when browsing around. Thanks for stopping by.

picturing of life - thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Thanks, Titania, I don't think I've seen such green lawns this late in the season before, it sure looks amazing with the red-orange-yellow trees!

Becky - thanks! I sure try and enjoy all these gorgeous colours as much as possible, the autumn winds have robbed the trees of quite a lot here too.

Olga - thanks, glad you like them:)

Dianne - that would have been rather neat, Obama strolling around in the Stockholm suburbial underground, though I'm sure he's quite busy on the other side of the pond...;) Thanks for commenting!

Hayley Hughes - thanks for stopping by, mmm that cake was really something...:)

Mar - thanks for the congrats and lovely comment! I'll be sure to check that lovely sculpture out at the airport whenever I get to go Barcelona again:)

Leora - thanks for stopping by!

Heidi Jo the Artist said...

Great photos, thanks for sharing! Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Heidi Jo the Artist

MyMaracas said...

Beautiful photos! The four red cars are a lucky find, and that red building is wonderful.

Thanks for stopping by at mine!

Cherie said...

Congrats on you anniversary! And great red shots. I especially like the red house. I imagine that it could be very cheery in the middle of the winter.

Pia K said...

Heidi Jo - thanks for that sweet comment!

Vicki - thanks! Yes, I thought so too about the red cars, I love it when one spots details like that - even better accompanied by camera:)

Cherie - thanks for a lovely comment! Yes, red houses in white snow makes for a very picturesque scenery, alas we don't see much of that snow these days...:/

Ladynred said...

Beautiful red pictures here!

Pia K said...

Thanks, ladynred!

Pagan Sphinx said...

Beautiful photos, with lots of surprises: the eye goes from a photo of a beautiful, luscious-looking confection, to a man in a bright, bright, red jacket (does he wish to be discovered or is he just a fan of red?), to the gorgeous Autumn colors. That las photo looks so similar to New England in the U.S.

Thanks for a very wonderful RT!

Pia K said...

Thanks, Pagan Sphinx, for those kind words! I've always noticed and loved details everywhere, even more so with age, and I think discovering red in different forms and shapes for RT posts is great fun.

New England is on top of my to-one-day-visit places in the US, even before you mentioned the resemblance in the last pic...:)

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