Friday, October 03, 2008

WCB # 174 - Snuggle Cosy


One of many good things about sharing your home with cats - apart from them being very easy on the eye, their endless amount of frolicking is a constant reminder that you really don't need a TV after all since all the drama, love, action, stupidity, annoyance, comedy, endearment takes place under your very own roof.

And when you're angry, sad, upset their mere existence and behaviour calms you down and gives you perspective and focus - is that when looking at them you more than often realize that aha, THIS is how life should be approached and enjoyed.


Their attitude towards life, the ability to living and enjoying the moment as well as approaching seemingly simple things with wholehearted enthusiasm and energy, and then the next moment going all snuggle cosy and completely relaxed is, to say the least, inspiring. Plus of course, every time, a total smitten kitten experience.



The perfect example of what one should do when the autumn winds are gusting outside the windows and the thoughts of life swirls inside your head is here shown by one LBC Viola and her friend, father of itty bitty pretty ones, Pelle.


This week's WCB is hosted by Niko and Claud, the Cats in Maryland, swing by for some more perfect examples on how life is enjoyed the kitty cat way.


John said...

Awww, that is too cute!

RE: "...Their attitude towards life, the ability to living and enjoying the moment..."

Indeed, animals, and cats in particular, have a very Zen-like nature. : ) Happy weekend luv!

Pia K said...

Thanks, John, the same to you!

And I just wish more people could understand, appreciate, learn from, respect and love that highly commendable nature of cats (animals)...

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